Early birds eye view of Ordway from 1898, courtesy of the Crowley Heritage Society

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Crowley County was formed in 1911 from the northern part of Otero County when the residents of the area grew tired of the two day commute to the county seat of Otero County in La Junta. After a drawn-out battle with the state legislature, the residents of the area were granted their wish of a new county May 6, 1911. From the Ordway New Era, May 12, 1911:

"The bill was finally brought to a triumphant conclusion in the senate on Tuesday by a vote of 28 to 7 and in the house on Saturday, May 6, by a vote of 33 to 29. The enemy had been routed, horse, foot and dragoons, and the people of the north side got their hearts down below the point where they were choking and trying to swallow them and tore up the air with any old thing that would disturb the atmosphere and make a hideous noise."

Today, Crowley County is home to about 5,500 citizens and the county seat is Ordway.

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