F.A. McKinney's

Crowley County Directory


Sugar City

This information was transcribed by Jay Bond. Rural addresses follow the city addresses.

Sugar City, the factory town of Crowley County is located on the Missouri Pacific Railway, fifty-six miles east of Pueblo. The big factory of the National Sugar Manufacturing Co. is located here, and the sugar beet industry is the principal source of livelihood. The town is laid out n a high piece of ground overlooking Lake Meredith, a beautiful body of water, five miles long and two miles wide. Some of the finest and most productive irrigated land in the West surrounds the town. A great deal of the population of the town is foreigners, who are beet workers, but the business men of the town are live, up-to-date and progressive. There are two saloons here, a bank, well gotten up weekly newspaper, a good hotel and good business houses. The census of 1910 showed a population of over eight hundred but it has grown since then and during the sugar campaign there are probably 1500 people residing in the town. The town has its own water system, cement sidewalks, an ice plant and electric lights, and is a modern town. J.M. Cravens is postmaster.

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