F.A. McKinney's

Crowley County Directory



This information was transcribed by Jay Bond. Rural addresses follow the city addresses.

Ordway is the home of the Pink Meat Cantaloupe and the county seat of Crowley county. It is fifty miles east of Pueblo on the Missouri Pacific Railway and it is a beautiful place. It has a profusion of fine shade trees, two beautiful parks and many nice residences. It is a good business town and has all the modern conveniences, including seven lawyers. There are two banks, two well edited newspapers, two good hotels, and good business houses fully adequate to serve the large population which makes this their trading point. The country is fast settling up, and the population of Ordway and the county is increasing at a very rapid rate. General farming is followed here, but the Pink Meat Cantaloupe is the product of which Ordway is most proud. The Ordway Chamber of Commerce composed of the live business men sees to it that the world at large is fully informed as to the advantages of life in the Arkansas Valley and particularly in the vicinity of Ordway. Population of town about one thousand. A rural route is delivered from this postoffice. Alex Gray is postmaster.

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City Directory
Ordway R.F.D. No 1 Chas N McNulty, Carrier