F.A. McKinney's

Crowley County Directory


Olney Springs

This information was transcribed by Jay Bond. Rural addresses follow the city addresses.

Incorporated town on the Missouri Pacific Railway, forty miles east of Pueblo, and eleven miles west of Ordway, the county seat. It has two saloons, two drug stores, a big general store, lumber yard, alfalfa mill, etc. It has fine spring water piped into the town by a gravity system of water works from north of Fowler. General farming is followed principally in this section. Fine fruit is grown here and about one hundred carloads are shipped from here every year. The Cudahy Ranch Co. has bought about seven thousand acres of land northeast of Olney Springs, and will this year spend $100,000 improving it. There are several other big ranch propositions in this vicinity. The population of the town is about three hundred and fifty. A rural route is delivered from here. Opal Hanen is postmaster.


Municipal Officials
City Directory
Olney Springs R.F.D. No 1 Jos Summerhalter, Carrier