F.A. McKinney's

Crowley County Directory


This information was transcribed by Jay Bond. The historic area of Hester follows the government section.

This, Colorado's youngest, was born August 4, 1911. It has three good towns, good agricultural land, as good as there is in the Arkansas Valley, and that means the best in the state. It starts off with better prospects than most counties had when they got their start. The apples and other fruit raised here can not be excelled in Colorado. The biggest alfalfa mill in the world is located at Ordway and there is another big one at Olney, and though alfalfa is one of the biggest crops and one of the biggest sources of income to the farmer it is by no means the only one. The "Pink Meat" cantaloupe is one thing that Crowley County is proud of. This is a variety that is grown in this locality only. It is claimed for them that they are the best shippers, have the most meat, finest flavor, the smallest seed capacity of any melon grown. Several hundred carloads are shipped from here every season. The big factory of the National Sugar Manufacturing Co., is in this county and the growing of sugar beets is another way that the farmers here have of getting money without working for it � very hard. All kinds of grain and, in fact, anything that grows in this latitude is raised with profit in this district.

It has three good towns, Ordway, the county seat, Sugar City, where the big sugar factory is located, and Olney Springs, which is not yet incorporated, but is a hustling, bustling little community.

Crowley County has an area of 802 square miles, 60,000 acres of land under irrigation, 50,000 acres of irrigated land under cultivation, 10,000 acres cultivated under the dry farming system. Its estimated population is 4,500. The assessed valuation for 1910 was $1,965,335.00. The registration of qualified voters for the election in 1010 was 1,541.

County Government
Ordway is the County Seat

County Commissioners
Meet in regular session first Monday in each month

County Officials

District Court - 10th Judicial District
Sessions - Second Monday in March, fourth Monday in September

County Court
Sessions - First Mondays in March, June, September, December

Justices of the Peace


Postoffice in northern part of County. Mail from Sugar City, John T Hester, Postmaster.