1920 Crowley County Census Index
Roll T625-157, Supervisor's District 3.

Surnames Beginning with N

There are no online transcriptions of Crowley County census records. These indexes contain the names of the head of household and persons living in the household with a different last name. Spelling may not be accurate as old handwriting can be difficult to read, census takers wrote phonetically, and pages can be faded. The lists are not 100% complete because some pages are damaged and some names are not readable. These lists are provided as a guideline to help you with your research. It is recommended you order the microfiche to obtain proper information, including everyone else in the household. Records can be ordered from your local library, LDS Family History Center, or you can purchase a subscription to Ancestry Census Images at Ancestry.com. These indices were transcribed by Jay and De Bond.

Name Age Birthplace District Precinct Division Page Sheet Notes
Nelson, Albert 33 MO ED 47 Precinct 8 Crowley 1a 253a  
Nelson, Eveett 29 NE ED 44 Precinct 2 Ordway 5a 224a  
Nelson, Hans 42 Sweden ED 43 Precinct 3   11a 219a  
Nelson, J.R. 34 CO ED 44 Precinct 2 Ordway 2a 221a  
Nelson, Martin 34 NE ED 44 Precinct 3 Ordway 13a 232a  
Newhouser, Theodore 25 Germany ED 47 Precinct 8 Crowley 1b 253b  
Newland, Joseph F. 32 MO ED 42 Precinct 1   8b 204b  
Newlon, Paul P. 42 MO ED 42 Precinct 1 Olney Springs 2b 198b  
Newton, D. 25 KS ED 45 Precinct 4 Sugar City 1a 233a  
Newton, Theodrie B. 57 KS ED 44 Precinct 3 Ordway 12a 231a  
Noble, Milton A. 64 OH ED 42 Precinct 1   10a 206a  
Nolte, Martin T. 34 MO ED 47 Precinct 8   7b 259b  
Norton, Carl A. 26 KS ED 42 Precinct 1   6b 202b  
Norton, George 48 MO ED 42 Precinct 1 Olney Springs 2a 198a